Armoire Uses In Your Home

What can an armoire be used for? Families who live in homes accumulate many things over the years. It might be clothes that we keep buying, as we procrastinate over discarding old ones, gifts, items for children that they have outgrown long ago, papers, documents and a lot of obsolete items.

All these items tend to occupy all the available shelves, drawers and storage spaces, creating over time an overflow. It is therefore a good option to keep nice sets of storage cabinets. Wooden home furniture is an example of cabinets and armoires available. A wood armoire is a tall cupboard with shelves, which stands by itself, rather than being built into the wall. This makes it easy to move it around the house and even while relocating.

The origin of the wooden armoire is thought to be very old and they have been in use for a long time. There is a theory that the word itself came from the fact that armoires were originally used to store weapons in a household or palace. It is also likely that the term originated from the Italian word ‘arma’ that refers to tools, meaning that the armoire was originally a tool storage unit.


Armoires are mostly made of wood and are moving out of their traditional uses to all parts of the home. They are also thought of as the predecessors of many other kinds of wooden cabinets and storage furniture. A wardrobe for instance is also known as an armoire, which has no shelves and contains a rod for hanging items. A pantry wooden armoire is generally used to store plates, cups, bowls, and ceramic items. It can sometimes be used to store non-perishable grocery items in bins and storage containers.

Wooden armoires can also be used in the bedroom to store folded clothing. Living areas also benefit from the use of wood armoire as decorative home furniture where the family tools, plates and other things can be stored. A wood armoire thus becomes an essential part of home furniture.




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