Antimicrobial Home Protection Tips

Antimicrobial protection is a phrase that simply means a product will protect against various microbes such as bacteria, fungi and algae. Several microbes such as bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi attacks the surface and can result in odour development, staining and discolouration of surfaces.These microbial actions enormously increase the maintenance required to keep both the aesthetics and hygiene of the surface and the product. One household product that should contain this kind of protection is a carpet cleaning product. It isn’t enough just to remove the dirt and grit that gets embedded in carpets; we should always be seeking to remove the unseen enemies of microbes – the bacteria, mold and mildew that can form within a carpet.

Antimicrobial protection can be built into fabrics, upholstery and textiles. It is often a silver-based technology that helps to maintain the freshness of the fabric, repelling or even eliminating odours due to microbial influence. The protection will also prevent discolouring and skin irritation. This type of fabric usually looks little different to other fabrics and textiles, but its properties are such that bacteria, mold and fungi cannot exist and multiply on its surface.

Early antimicrobial discoveries include substances like penicillin that improved the general health of millions of people all over the world, and continues to do so. Antimicrobial protection, when applied to fabrics, textiles and household upholstery, can significantly lessen our contact with microbes, thereby considerably limiting our chances of being adversely affected by them.

Fabrics that have antimicrobial qualities have improved hygiene properties. They are much less prone to discolouration and staining, and they much less likely to produce unpleasant odours due to microbial action. There are a number of possible ways that a fabric can have these properties. One way is through antimicrobial filtration, which kills microbes through a physical action, rather than through a chemical one. This system is non-toxic and eliminates harmful microbes through electrocution at the molecular level.

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Antimicrobial treatments can be applied to fabrics and textiles as well. These are chemical actions that are usually included in the water used to wash the fabrics. They can control the growth of bacteria, keeping down on unpleasant odours and delaying the need for re-washing, thereby saving time and money, while cutting down on the general wear and tear that household clothes and fabrics are prone to on a daily basis.

One of the main advantages to using a chemical antimicrobial treatment is that it can be applied to all existing fabrics and textiles, as well as the general household upholstery. This will extend the life of the fabric and give it a freshness that it may have been lacking before.


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