5 Tips to Using a Chainsaw Safely

It’s hard to resist the strong urge of operating a chainsaw when you want to give your landscape a face lift. Being able to split firewood and a few branches leaves you thrilled probably because you want to join the elite league of DIY experts. But according to reports obtained from health facilities across the US, it’s estimated that more than 30,000 people end up in the emergency room every year due to injuries that are caused by chainsaws. A chainsaw is designed for cutting, limbing, trimming and bucking trees. If you have never used a chainsaw before, it’s advisable you try one of these stints on some logs that have already been cut.

Tree You Intend to Cut

Some of the accidents are actually fatal. Most homeowners don’t know how to use a chainsaw. But they fancy owning the equipment because it comes in handy regardless of whether you want to bring down some trees or just prune overgrown shrubs and trees. The good thing is that such injuries can be avoided by using the chainsaw properly according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Below are some tips that can help you stay safe when operating a chainsaw.

  1. Examine the Tree You Intend to Cut

A chainsaw is designed to rotate its chain away from you. Since the chain is run by a powerful motor, an impact resulting from coming into contact with a hard material other than wood can cause the chain to trip and rotate towards you unceremoniously, leaving you with severe wounds that have to be stitched.

Such a mechanical failure is popularly known as kickback. It’s recommended that you examine the wood that you will be working on in advance so that you can remove any foreign objects that might trigger a kickback. Such objects include stones, nails or spikes that can throw the chainsaw of the balance.

  1. Switch Off the Chainsaw When Moving It

This one goes without saying. You should never move the chainsaw to another area while the motor is still running. This is because you can easily get injured if you slip and fall. It’s therefore advisable that you switch the chainsaw off before you carry it to another place within your working area, especially when the ground is bumpy.

  1. Maintain a Firm Grip on the Handles

Sometimes an injury can happen simply because the chainsaw slipped through your hands. By the rule of thumb, you should hold the chainsaw with both hands to guarantee a firm grip. Using one hand is dangerous especially if you are the kind that has sweaty hands. Besides that, you should stand with a strong grip on the ground. In fact, you should wear boots that have rugged sole to avoid skidding. Moreover, you should never work on a wet floor because that will only increase your chances of tripping.

  1. Wear Protective Gear

You should never attempt to operate a chainsaw without wearing protective gear. Putting on some goggles can help in protecting your eyes from stray chips and the dust that results from the sawing.  Additionally, you should wear rugged gloves so that your hands can remain free of injury in case of an accident. You should also refrain from wearing oversized clothes because they can get stuck in the chain of the bar. It’s actually recommended that you wear fitting outfits to keep such accidents at bay.

  1. Ensure You Have Enough Working Space

Working in a congested area can only increase the chances of injuring yourself or other people. In fact, you should ensure that kids and pets are not around when the chainsaw is in action. Moreover, you should never point the bar towards other people while the motor is still running. The gasoline that powers a chainsaw is highly flammable. It’s therefore recommended that you drain the fuel tank after use to avoid instances of leakages that can

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