5 Tips to shopping for a home water filter system

The tap water that you use at home may not be completely free from contaminants. For people who want to filtrate their water at home, they have a choice of buying a water filtration system so they can be sure that they are drinking and cooking with clean water. The market is flooded with many filtration devices and as such, you need to evaluate the kind of filtration device that you want to buy.

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The daily filtration rate

Here are 5 tips that can help you when shopping for a home water filtration system:

  1. The daily filtration rate

This is one of the factors that you need to consider when buying a water filtration system for your home. Some water filters may seem to be similar but they differ in the number of gallons they can filter each day. Now, you need to have a rough idea of the amount of water that you require to be filtered on a daily basis. This is measured in terms of Gallons Per Day (GPD).

  1. Ability to remove hardness compounds

It is important that you know whether the filter removes compounds such as magnesium and calcium. These causes hardness in water. Well, you may need these compounds in small quantities. If you have hard water, it’s good to choose a filter that can remove these compounds. If your water is normal, you need a filter that does not remove the compounds. If you read the filter product descriptions, you will get to know whether the filters can remove the hardness or not. Choose what is appropriate for your needs.

  1. What kinds of compounds does it filter?

When you are buying the water filtration system, get to know the compounds that it filters. The description pages or the specs sheets have this information. On average, most water filters can filter out 40 contaminants. There are other filters that can strip out over 60 contaminants. It does matter the type of compounds that are filtered out as you may not necessarily need all of them to be stripped out. When you know what is in your water, and the compounds that you want to be filtered out, then it becomes easy to choose a suitable system or device that can work for you.

  1. How often does the replacement filter need to be changed?

Regardless of the kind of water filter you buy, the filters will need to be changed at one point. As such, check the cost of the replacement filters before you make a decision to buy a specific water filter. How expensive is it? How often do these need to be changed? This way, you can tell the long-term cost implications. Buy what is affordable to you in the long run.

  1. Does the filtration process create waste water?

Some of the water filters in the market create wastewater during the filtration process. The filtered water will go to your faucet while the wastewater goes down the drain. This could be a point of concern for the homeowners who pay for their own water. If the water filter expends a lot of wastewater in the process, it could definitely be a concern to you as water costs money! View more details on https://bestkitchen.pro/water-filter

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