5 Tips to removing a tree from your yard

There are many reasons to remove a tree or stump from your yard. Perhaps it is dead and hazardous. Perhaps the tree is an eyesore or taking up valuable space in your yard. Whatever your reasons are, this article will provide some tips to help you remove your tree from your yard.

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  1. Check to see if you need a permit. Before you remove the tree or stump from your property, you will need to make sure that your municipality does not require a tree removal permit. To check on this issue in your local area, be sure to search online at http://www.treeremovalpermit.com and find out the process and requirements of removing a tree in your area.
  2. Assess the tree or stump. You will need to determine if the tree is alive or dead. Is it a risk to you or your home to remove it on your own or will you need to hire a company to do it for you? You will also need to determine if the tree has enough space to fall away from your home when it is being cut down. If so, you can likely do the removal on your own. It is also important to look and see if there are any critters living in the tree. If there is a bees nest or other insects, you may want to use a repellant to rid of them before attempting to cut down the tree.
  3. Determine how you will remove the tree or stump. If you are hiring a professional to take care of the tree, you will not have to worry about much as the company will take care of the removal. You will need to find out if the tree removal company will take the tree and stump away or if you will need to handle that on your own. Many companies will remove the tree for you for a fee. If you are planning to remove the stump on you own, be sure to have a chainsaw with a sharp blade and consider how you will discard of the tree once it is down. If you are going to turn the tree into mulch, you can do so easily by renting a grinder.
  4. Other ways to remove a stump. If you do not want to remove the stump by using a chainsaw, there are other ways to take care of the removal. Alternate ways include burning the tree stump, rotting the tree, or using chemicals. While these ways may sound easier than cutting it down yourself, it is not necessarily the case. Other methods take a great deal of time. No matter what method you choose, it will take patience and hard work to accomplish your goal.
  5. Removing the tree or stump. If you do not want to hire a company to discard of your tree or stump, you will need to do it yourself. If it is viable, you can cut up the wood and save it to use in a fireplace during the winter. Other ways to discard of the tree is to cut it up and take it to a local yard waste area where they will grind it down for you.

Removing the tree or stump

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