5 Tips to maintaining your playground

Owning a playground for your kids can be quite a privilege. At any time you and your kids and go outdoors and enjoy climbing and playing in the comfort of your backyard. While it is quite a luxury to own your own playground, many do not take the time to maintain it. This article will outline some tips on how to maintain your playground so that you will have years to enjoy the equipment.

cracked or broken flooring

  • Take note of cracked or broken flooring. Replacing flooring when it is cracked or in need of repair is a great way to take care of your play area and maintain your playground. In addition, providing a soft foundation for the play area will help to prevent injuries, scrapes, and help stifle your child’s fall. To check out great flooring that can help with safety of your child as well as maintaining your playground equipment, check out PD Play.
  • Cover when necessary. Sometimes climate change and the elements from the weather can affect the way your playground looks. From time to time, you may want to consider covering parts of your playground up with a tarp in order to avoid weather damage. For example, if your area is expecting a blizzard, consider covering the play area so that ice and snow does not damage the equipment. Most playgrounds are made to withstand the elements but covering it up will certainly help to keep it restored.
  • Clean the playground. Cleaning off the playground from time to time can seem like a tedious task but in reality you are teaching your children to take care of things that are important to them. It is also a good idea to clean the equipment of spider webs and other nests that may inhabit the structure such as bees or wasps. By periodically cleaning the playground, you can eliminate potential problems from happening in the future, such as bee or wasp stings.
  • Replace broken pieces. If you notice that a part of your playground has a crack or there is a nail sticking out of a board, you will want to fix the problem as soon as possible. A crack in the plastic or a nail sticking out of a board could cause injury to your child. If you notice a small crack on a step or on the slide, it is likely that you can do a quick repair at home without having to replace the entire playground. If you see a nail sticking out, simply hammer it back in and check around the structure to see if there are any other nails that need to be pushed back in. By looking over the playground periodically, you can make note of items that are in need of minor repair.

Replace broken pieces
Clean up trash. Keeping your backyard and play area clean and free of debri is not hard to do. It just takes time and attention to the area. If a storm blew through, it is a good idea to go outside after it is all clear and pick up branches, sticks, and other rubbish that may have blown into your yard. Keeping your yard clean of debris and trash is always a good idea and it also applies to your playground.

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