5 Tips to keeping your house clean with kids

Keeping a house clean with kids is a never ending job. It always seems that the moment you have a room clean, the kids want to come in and destroy it. It never fails. They see a clean playroom and in five seconds flat, it looks like a tornado came through the room. It is unbelievable how such small, precious humans can destroy a room in no time at all. It can be frustrating to keep up with the daily tasks of cooking, doing laundry, homework, playing, and cleaning up the house. You are not alone and in this article we will explore some tips that will help you keep your house tidy with kids.

Do the dishes every single day


  • Do the dishes every single day. After a long day at work, it may feel like you only have energy to make dinner, bathe the kids, read them a story, and put them to bed. No matter how tired you are, do the dishes. Just try it. Leaving the dishes to accumulate in the sink overnight or for days on end can then make the task that much more daunting when you see them in the morning. Do the dishes at night so that when you come in to the kitchen in the morning to make breakfast or pack lunches, you are not faced with a pile of food encrusted dishes. It will make a difference.


  1. Keep your carpets clean. Carpet cleaning in Ottawa can help with this if you do not have your own steam cleaner or carpet shampooer. If you take some time out of your busy schedule once every few months to deep clean your carpet, your home will look cleaner and you will feel better as stains will be lifted and the carpet will be vibrant again. Clean carpet gives off a feeling of a fresh and clean home.
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  1. Give everyone in the house chores to complete. The responsibility to keep the house clean should be something that everyone participates in. It is not a one person job and the sooner you lay the ground rules for your family members so that they understand that the house cleaning is a family responsibility, the better off you will be. Not only are you teaching your kids to clean up after themselves, which is a life skill everyone needs, but you are also instilling a value of family ownership for the space.
  2. Keep your pets groomed. This may sound funny but it really does help! If you have dogs, keep them groomed. The longer their hair gets, the more that they shed. If they like to roll around in the grass outside while on a walk, they are likely going to bring in strands of grass, leaves, or other things if they have long hair. If they have short hair, this is not going to happen as often which means your home will be cleaner. Not to mention, shorter hair means less vacuuming.
  3. Do a little bit every day. It may seem like a never ending job; and it is. The sooner you can accept that your home will no longer be perfect like it was before you had kids, the better off you will be. Do a little bit every day and you will be that much more ahead.

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