5 Tips to finding the perfect door

Many people might think that doors are not important in a home. They see it as simply a doorway to get from one room to another. They do not realize that the doors inside their homes actually play a large role to unify the look and feel of the home.

If the wrong door is chosen, it can make a room look unattractive so careful consideration must be done before any decision on what door a homeowner will purchase. If you are planning to build a house or if you’re just going to replace a damaged door, look at the following tips to ensure that you will purchase the perfect door for your home.

Sofa And Door


  1. Consider security and fire safety – while aesthetics is important, the first thing you should consider is the security of your family. When you purchase your door, make sure that it is made of good material that will not break when it is kicked. Also, make sure that your door is one of those that can hold fire. Some doors can hold fire for 20 minutes, while others can do hold them for 30 minutes. This time may seem short, but in the event of a real fire, that is enough time to run to the fire escape or window and get into safety.
  2. Make sure it’s the right size – measure your doorway so that there will not be any mistake when you purchase your door. This will not be a problem if your door is just the standard size, but if your doorway is wider or thinner than the standard, you need to carefully measure so that there will be no mistake.
  3. Make sure it fits with the design of your interior – once you’ve considered security, you can now make sure that it complements the look of your whole house. Take a look at your house’s design, is it modern, minimal or traditional? If you want to do minimalism, glass doors are a good idea, or you can opt for wooden doors for other designs. If you want a little more character, you can look for reclaimed doors instead.
  4. Use folding or sliding doors your house is small – if your house is small, you may opt to buy doors that do not have outswing. This also limits the risk of anyone from your family getting hit by the door when someone suddenly opens it from the other side. Folding doors and sliding doors are the perfect options as they do not take up too much space so your house will not seem cluttered.
  5. Don’t forget to ask about sound absorption – if you’re someone who likes to listen to loud music even late at night, you may want to make sure that the door you will purchase will be able to absorb the sound so that your housemates will not be disturbed by the sound, and vice versa. The STC (sound transmission class) scale of 25 is probably one of the lowest while anything that is over 60 means it is completely soundproof.

If you’re looking for some sample doors you can look at, here is a site that has many options for internal doors that you can purchase. Look through the choices and consider the factors above before making your purchase.

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