5 Tips to finding a reputable electrician

Finding a reputable electrician may be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Of course we all want someone qualified and credible to work on our wiring as it’s going to be a big deal for the entire house. If you’re facing any electrical issue such as frequent surges, circuit overload, or electrical shocks, no doubt you need someone really good to fix them. Here are 5 tips to finding a reputable electrician to help you solve your problems:


  1. Look in your area

The easiest way to look for someone to fix your wiring is to find contractors within your area. You can go online and search for companies by location. A quick search would definitely help you identify which contractors are present in your state. Depends on the type of issue you have, you can get good companies like www.electricianinperth.com.au who services not only residential problems, but commercial and emergency issues as well.

  1. Check out their qualifications

It’s very easy to trust an electrician so long as they have a state license. But it’s not a reason to just pick anyone. It’s understandable though, because most of us don’t have the breadth of knowledge that they do and you would assume that even the least of them could take on any electrical problem there is. That’s true. Electricians are smart and skillful and are trained to take on even the most messed up issue there is. But it’s also good to know what qualifications your contractor holds, and what kind of certification they have. There are two degrees of professional electricians, a master and a journeyman.

master electrician

Both of them have state licenses, but a journeyman is limited to installing and maintaining a wiring system. Whereas a master electrician is qualified to do design systems and planning, on top of what the journeyman can do.

  1. Look for feedback and references

When checking out a company, it’s helpful to look for reviews and feedback coming from actual customers. You can check out their social media to do some research and assess if there’s enough good reviews to consider them. And of course it’s also helpful to ask your family, friends, and specially your neighbors for recommendations. They surely have an experience working with one company or another, and would gladly help you decide which ones to get.

  1. Check their quality of work
    When you’re already down working with someone, checking the quality of their work will help you decide if you’ll ever get them again next time. It’s hard to judge an electrician’s work without a trained eye, but it’s easy enough to see if the work is neat or not. Remember this, if the job doesn’t look neat to you, it probably isn’t safe. And that’s a big no-no.

Check the cables if they’re lined up properly and are not obstructive specially near the service panel. Crossed, jumbled, and drooping cables are a red flag in terms of quality. A trained electrician would arrange the wires and cables orderly because it’s easier to find the correct circuit breaker for it.

  1. Check their work ethics

Unprofessional behavior should never be tolerated, no matter how skillful they may seem. During the inquiry process you can already gauge how it would be like working with them. Observe how they answer your questions and address you. It helps to really ask a lot of questions as it would help you gain rapport with each other and make communication easier. If you find it hard to reach out to them or they wouldn’t listen to you, maybe it’s time to look for another company.

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