5 Tips on how to have the perfect lawn

Having the perfect lawn doesn’t mean that you have to be subject to chemicals every time you tend to it to make it look beautiful. Most of the healthy lawns usually are maintained in natural ways. Using products that are all natural will protect your family and your pets from any toxic material that could be found on the grass. A beautiful lawn increases the aesthetic value of your home making it possible to sit outside and enjoy the outdoors with your family. It is not difficult to find the perfect lawn. The tips below from lawn care maineville ohio will help you find the perfect one.

Rake the Lawn

  1. Rake the Lawn

To begin with, you should start by raking your lawn. Remove any material which is on top of the grass. This is the simplest thing you can do if you want to see immediate changes on your lawn. Another benefit of raking apart from the aesthetic value is that it usually promotes thinning and leaves bare spots in your lawn which means you will need to add some grass seeds on those bare patches.

  1. Aeration

Another good thing you can do is aerate your lawn. Your lawn shouldn’t have hard soil which is compacted. Aeration will make the organic matter to reach your soil by putting holes and making it less compact. It will give oxygen to your grass which will help your lawn to grow more naturally. Another way to aerate the soil is by doing it manually using shoes which have spikes on them.

  1. Fertilize your Lawn

Adding organic fertilizer to your soil is one way of achieving the perfect lawn. Using organic fertilizer has many benefits by feeding the grass and the natural soil nutrients. Avoid using a fertilizer with a lot of nitrogen in it will ruin your lawn and make it look fragile and unhealthy. If you are not sure of which fertilizer to use, you can ask for assistance from someone who is experienced in the agricultural field.

Spreading compost on the grass will also give it natural ingredients which will make it grow and look beautiful.

  1. Remove Weeds

Weeds spread as fast as a wildfire. Weeds remove the beauty of your lawn and also harm your grass because they compete for the same sunlight, nutrients, and space that the grass needs to grow. It is important to get rid of them as soon as you see them.

You can either pluck them out using your hands even though it is a time-consuming method.  There are tools you can use to make your work easier. Another way of getting rid of weeds is using a herbicide which won’t harm your grass. Just make sure that you put it away from your pets and family to avoid causing them harm.

  1. Mow Your Lawn

You should mow your lawn the first time when the grass gets to three inches or higher. Mowing your garden will help to get rid of weeds. The reason why you should let the grass get to that height is that it protects the grass by providing shade.

Use a sharp blade which won’t affect the way your grass is growing and also to give it a healthy look.

Mow Your Lawn

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