4 Tips to renovating your home

Are you planning to give your home a gorgeous and long-lasting facelift? Well, Congratulations! However commencing any project without having a well-stipulated plan can lead to wastage of time and resources. In that case, regrets as a result of shoddy work are inevitable.

Renovating a house is a process that involves numerous stages, from demolishing to purchasing of materials, measurements, and finishing tasks. For your renovation project to be a success, consider the following tips.

  1. Budgeting

The amount of money you want to spend on the project based on the size of your house will determine the quality of renovation you want for your home. You can either do it yourself (DIY) or hire an architecture or contractor to do the planning for you. This will go a long way in ensuring an effective and economic process.


Provide a detailed description of what you want upfront, and then give the list to the prospective contractors to prepare estimates so as to compare and decide whom to work with. You can also do research on the internet or get a second opinion from family or friends who have experience with the same.

  1. Designing process

How you want to redesign your home will determine what to get rid of and what retain. Some examples include transferring the toilet from upstairs to the ground floor, expanding the living room, or adding another window or door. One thing to consider in this process is whichever design you will adopt, it must be consistent with the existing building depending on the time or era in which it was constructed. For excellent results, you can hire a professional designer to work with the contractor.

  1. Demolition

For the new to come into place, the old must first go. This will likely require some demolition. Here is a potential list of some demolition you may have to conduct before you can begin your renovation.

  • Digging out soil
  • Collapsing some walls
  • Removing the old flooring materials
  • Getting rid of the old ceiling
  • Removing old or broken window panes
  • Scratching off old paints
  • Roof replacement

After the demolition, you will need to remove and dispose of the large amounts of waste as a result of that, by simply hiring dumpster rental companies to help you handle any amount of waste or debris.

  1. Finishing

As always, the end justifies the means. Being done with the structural work, finishing touches must now be put in place. This will determine the excellence and success of the entire project. Here, style plays a great role both in the interior and exterior. This includes wall paints and interior trim, window framing, and ceiling molding.

For example, when it comes to paintings, you can incorporate three or four complementary colors. One shade for the living room, another for all the bedrooms, another one for the ceiling, doors and windows which will give your interior the best overall look.



There is nothing as fulfilling as turning your home into a safe haven full of style and comfort. It could be the house you have just bought for your family, which was built in the 1970s or one you built on your own a couple of years ago. Renovation might seem challenging at first but with these simple tips, the project is as good as done.

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