4 Tips to choosing the right blinds for your business

Window blinds have evolved so much in the past few years. Today, there are so many types to choose from and so many different kinds that offer various benefits. If you’re looking to furnish the windows in your business office, you’re at the right place. Read up on the following tips to learn about the right blinds to install for your business:

Measure your windows accurately


  • Measure your windows accurately

Correct measurements leads to proper installation. This step is crucial before planning to buy anything. Never make the mistake of adding allowances when you give your measurements to the store. If you want guides in measuring your windows, hop on to www.makemyblinds.co.uk to get expert service on the matter. Before measuring, make sure to decide where your blinds are going to be installed. Will they be mounted inside or outside the window frame? To be sure, take both measurements and take a picture of your bare windows with you when you shop. You can show it to the store personnel or window specialist to get some recommendations.

Choose the right type and material


  • Choose the right type and material

Blinds are made in various materials, like vinyl, aluminum, wood, and fabric. In a corporate office, the most common type of blinds used is venetian blinds or roller blinds. They usually come in neutral colors such as white or beige and are easily controlled. They’re perfect for large windows and allow just the right amount of light and insulation to induce productivity among employees. If you’re furnishing a personal home office, then by all means, choose whatever you think will help you focus on work. Match it to the color of your walls or to the trimmings of your windows. There are other popular types too, like vertical blinds which is perfect for big windows.

  • Consider the theme of the room

Offices nowadays have changed. More and more companies are redesigning their work spaces to show different moods and colors, reflecting the brand. Because of this, choosing the right blinds may require more thinking. It has to match with color scheme of the room. It has to be in a shade that’s consistent with the wall accents. Despite the many considerations, it’ never that hard to pick the right one because the market is filled with tons of options.

  • Check if you’re budget allows it

Prices of blinds depends on its type, material, size, and even your location. On the average, a regular 3x5ft horizontal blinds range from $10 to $25. Other materials like faux wood or vinyl range from $30 to $50 for the same dimensions. Contact your nearest supplier to get a quote. Or check online to instantly get results from your area.

Remember your goals in choosing blinds. As window treatments, every kind provides a level of insulation, privacy, and aesthetic. But as a business owner, how do you want your office to look like? Will your choice of blinds reflect that? Windows cover a large part of your property, and dressing it well impacts your business in more ways than one.

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