4 Tips to caring for your floors

You may be spending a lot of time making sure that your house is spic and span. One part of the house that needs care and maintenance is the floor. If you want to make sure that your house and floor is clean, check out some of the tips below on how you can better maintain it.

Spot repair any blemish right away


  1. Spot repair any blemish right away – aside from making sure that you dust or sweep your floor regularly, you also need to make sure that when something spills on the floor, you clean it right away. This is so that it does not do any more damage. Putting off the cleaning can result to a stain on the floor which would make it look unpleasant. Some stains don’t need a lot of cleaning materials to get it out. If you see slight ink stains or pet stains, you can just use steel wool to remove them. If you’ve covered sections of your floor with carpet, spot-cleaning is very important as some stains may penetrate the cloth fibers and would be very hard to remove once it settles.
  2. Place mats in areas where there is high foot traffic – if you want your floor’s cleanliness to be preserved, it would be a good idea to place floor mats in areas where there are people always walking around. One of these is of course the entrance. Guests or family members coming from outside will bring with them outdoor elements on their shoes and even clothes. Placing mats at the entrance where they can wipe their shoes will protect your floor’s surface from these elements. There are some homeowners who go as far as to disallow shoes in the homes. Instead they place a shelf near the door and offer slipper to any guests who come in.
  3. Invest in cleaning tools to make the job easier for you – you don’t have to spend so much time cleaning your floor when you can get tools and equipment that can assist you to make the job easier. One of the best investments you can have is a vacuum cleaner, especially if your home has a lot of floor space. Simply sweeping the floor with a broom will result to being tired so a vacuum cleaner can greatly help. Also invest in other cleaning materials such as floor cleaners and stain removers. Just make sure that they are environmentally friendly so that there is no health risk involved.
  4. Strip and seal your floor for thorough cleaning – sometimes, even if you sweep the floor or vacuum every day, there will still be some dirt stuck in some areas. If you’ve been living in the house for a while, you might also see some scratches on your floor. In cases like these, the best thing to do is so strip and seal your floor. You will be needing some stripping chemical, a floor scrubber, and a floor machine. You will need to do your research as the process might be different depending on the type of floor you have. But if you do not have the time for this, there are companies who can do the strip and seal process for you.

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  1. Avatar for Amy Diamond Amy Diamond says:

    Excellent information, and yes, we agree that you should call a professional when it comes to actually stripping and sealing your floor.

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