4 Signs That Your Furnace Is In Need Of Repair

Your furnace is an essential heating accessory that helps you keep warm in the blistering cold. However, since it is an appliance that is not used throughout the year, the unit can become damaged when not maintained regularly. If you don’t want your furnace to be damaged beyond repair, it is necessary for you to assess its performance frequently. Here are 4 signs that your furnace is in need of repair. For furnace repair in Denver, you can visit the site altitudecomfort.com.

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  1. Does your furnace smell weird?  

Although it is natural for a furnace to smell like the fuel they use to operate, the smell usually dissipates as the unit operates. However, if you smell an odor or a scent that doesn’t disappear over time, your furnace may have a problem. The smells could be produced due to numerous reasons. It could be caused by a gas leak. Or, it could be because of the dust accumulated in the furnace. If you can’t determine the cause of the odor, you should proceed to hire the services of an HVAC professional to rectify the problem.  

  1. Is your furnace providing adequate heat?

What use is your furnace if it doesn’t do what it is supposed to do. If your furnace does not provide adequate heat, it is in your best interest to schedule repairs. Most of the times, furnaces fail to provide adequate heat when there are leaks in the ductwork, allowing the treated air to escape. Faulty thermostats can also cause such problems; when you need to turn your thermostat higher and higher to heat your home, you should understand that your thermostat is not working as effectively as it is supposed to. Hence, it is of paramount importance for you to examine your HVAC system before the cold season begins. You wouldn’t want your furnace to not work when you really want it to.

  1. Does your furnace produce loud, persistent noises?

Of course, it would be unreasonable to expect a furnace to be completely silent. However, if your furnace produces loud, persistent noises, it could be a clear indication of a serious problem. If you hear your furnace producing whistling and squealing noises, it could be because of issues with the belt and fan. If you hear banging and groaning, it could be because of loose internal components. The general rule of thumb implies and implores you to call a technician if you hear noises beyond your blower turning off and on.

  1. Is it difficult to start your furnace system?

You should have no trouble turning your furnace system on and keeping it on. However, if you find the unit shutting down continuously, requiring you to restart your furnace several times throughout the day to keep it operational, there is a need for you to seek professional help. If you face difficulty starting your unit, it could be because of a damaged thermostat, disconnected wires, tripped circuit breakers, or blown fuses.  


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