3 Ways to prevent plumbing issues

When it comes to taking care of your home, plumbing is one factor that is often overlooked. Until something goes wrong that is. Burst or blocked pipes, can quickly cause havoc and lead to costly repairs and damage to your home and possessions. But with a little care, and by taking a few preventative steps, you can help to minimize the risk of plumbing issues occurring in your home. Here are three ways to prevent the most common plumbing issues.

Dispose of cooking grease properly


  1. Dispose of cooking grease properly.

One of the most common causes of blocked pipes in the home is improperly disposed of cooking grease. When cooking grease is poured down your sink, it comes into contact with water and slowly cools. This leads to it coating your pipes and slowly restricting the flow of water.

As an alternative, try pouring cooking oils, fat and grease into a disposable container and then throwing it away with the rest of your rubbish. There are also a number of services which recycle used cooking oils into things such a biofuel.

You can help reduce clogging in your pipes by flushing your kitchen sink with a few gallons of boiling water. This will help to remove some of the grease and oils which can cause so many issues in the home.

Overall, a drain screen is a great investment for your home.

  1. Use a drain screen

One of the simplest, easiest and cheapest ways of protecting your home’s plumbing is to use a drain screen in your kitchen and bathroom plug holes. A drain screen sits over the plug hole and helps to prevent food, hair and other material from disappearing into your pipes. This helps to minimize the chance of blockages occurring and help keep water flowing through your pipes.  

Using a drain screen can also help to prevent the need to use harsh chemicals to break down any hair or soap residues which can also lead to blockages. They can also help prevent drains from producing bad smell caused by rotting food matter.

  1. Know where your main shut off value is

This simple step can really help limit the damage caused if things do go wrong. Your main shut off valve controls the flow of water to your home. If one of your pipes becomes blocked or bursts, the speed at which you can shut off the main shut off valve will determine how much water, and therefore how much damage, is caused. Taking a few minutes to learn the location of your main shut off valve can help prevent thousands of dollars of damage to your home.

Perth emergency plumber

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