3 Ways that your bathroom can add value to your property

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and increase its value, then you definitely found the right article to read. Bathroom renovation is no joke, it requires good planning and design that will take into considerations its limited space. Furthermore, since you are planning to increase its value, then you also need to consider that the value added to your property from the bathroom renovation must exceed the costs incurred. Thus, take a step back and allow us to help you think about how you should renovate your bathroom. To help you in that aspect, here are 3 most popular and efficient ways to increase your bathroom’s value.

  1. Change your toilet to a toilet with bidet set

Renovating or not, you will still eventually have to change your toilets. Toilets are like cars, they have “mileage” that we have to be aware of. Similar to cars, the higher the mileage of our toilets, the worse their condition gets. If your toilet has been the same for the past decade or several years, then it might be a good time to get a new one. You don’t want to wait and embarrass yourself towards your family and friends with a stuck manure in the toilet. Therefore, changing your toilet earlier is the best choice to protect yourself from this kind of situation. And with the developments the toilet bowls enjoyed in the past several years, you will not just have a brand new toilet but also have a more comfortable and efficient experience with it. There are now toilet that comes with a toilet seat cover with bidet that will allow you to clean yourself with just a push of a button or a pull of a lever. There are also those bidet sprayers which allow you more control as you do your thing. And lastly, as a bonus, new toilet bowls today have better design compared to the old ones. So it is definitely not just an upgrade but also a good investment.

  1. Vanity Tops

Bathroom vanity tops are the trend today, this piece of furniture can will not just save space in your bathroom, but also give you a good storage for all your bathroom items. Vanity tops with a mirror, sink, and cabinets will make your grooming a lot easier and efficient. Imagine the time you will save with a vanity top that has space for everything, rather than going and back and forth trying to find your shaving kit or make-ups.

  1. Glass shower room

Bathtubs are good, but they are extremely expensive. Plus, not all people find enjoyment in submerging themselves on bathtubs. Shower rooms, on the other hand, are good and affordable. Plus, all people need to shower regardless of their preferences. Thus, improving your shower area by adding smoked glass walls and door can surely add value to the property. Compared to shower curtains that don’t provide complete vision block, glass smoked doors can completely block the vision from the outside. Additionally, there are also those mirrors that can allow you to see people from the outside, so you will never have to worry about a friend suddenly barging inside and discover a naked body just like in the movies. Also, glass shower baths uk can also add beauty to your bathroom aside from the cool feeling it can give.


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