3 Tips To Organic Pest Control For Your Home And Lawn In Ohio

t doesn’t matter if you live in Ohio or in any other place in the world, if you have a home and a lawn, you will inevitably face pest problems. However, if you do reside in Ohio, you should know that there isn’t a dearth of best pest control companies in Ohio.  Now, pests can come in a wide range of forms such as animals, insects, weeds, molds, and fungi. Although not all pests are harmful, they are annoying nonetheless; some of them do pose serious threats too. If you are looking for ways to control the pests in your home and lawn organically, you should know that pesticides are not the only solution to pest problems. Without further ado, here are 3 tips to organic pest control for your home and lawn in Ohio.

Tip 1: The power of Mother Nature´s White Clover

Contrary to popular opinion, white clover is not a weed! Previously, before the invention of herbicides and pesticides to control the growth of weed, most American lawns contained white clover. Basically, white clover spreads all over the lawn and grows well with the grass while crowding out broadleaf weeds. It is ideal for areas or homes where there is little activity on the lawn. People in areas affected by pesticide bans would largely benefit from incorporating clover to their lawn. In addition to crowding out the weed, the clover plant also boasts of the ability to convert nitrogen into fertilizer, completely eliminating the need for additional fertilization. The white clover is tolerant to drought, immune to diseases and distasteful to common turf insects. Therefore, you need to seriously consider growing white clover in your backyard.  

Tip 2: Alternatives to pesticides

As we mentioned earlier, not all pests and insects are harmful to your lawns and homes. When you use powerful pesticides to kill insects and pests, the pesticides emit harmful fumes that can adversely affect the health of your children, your pets and the planet altogether. Hence, it is advisable to use kinder, healthier alternatives to pesticides. You can consider using the pesticides manufactured by the company, EcoSmart. The company only uses food-grade materials in its pesticides. Or, you can consider using natural solutions provided by the company, Gardens Alive. Gardens Alive offer natural solutions such as beneficial nematodes for grub control or traps for apple maggots.

Tip 3: Integrated Pest Management

Basically, in a nutshell, integrated pest management is a practice that requires you to look at your home holistically to treat your home for pests. The practice encourages you to use the tools at your disposal to solve your pest problems instead of relying on chemical-based products. Perhaps, the location where you keep your pet’s food is attracting pests and insects? Do you know that you can remove pests be simply planting pest-resistant varieties? Sometimes, controlling pests is as easy as cutting out galls in cedar trees to stop the movement of a fungus, raking and composting tree leaves diseased with anthracnose, and taking time to prune dead branches from flowering pear and crab apple trees in the winter to avoid fire blight the next spring.


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