3 Tips to Cleaning Stains on Your Carpet

Carpet stains are unsightly and often frustrating. You need to act on them quickly or they become harder to remove over time. Problems with carpet stains are not rare, resulting in the production of many home carpet cleaner products on the market. And while there are so many of them, many are still dissatisfied with the results of using them. This is why DIY carpet cleaning methods are still popular among people and many prefer using them over some products on the market. Some of these DIYs have already been used long before but remains to be utilized because of their effectiveness.

Different Solutions to Different Stains

Since stains vary in nature, there are also different solutions needed to remove them. Among the most common include:

  •    Cold water or club soda for blood.
    •    Dry-solvent spot carpet cleaner for fat-based stains and for gum after peeling away as much gum as possible.
  •    Enzymatic cleaner for urine.
  •    Club soda for wine or juice.

One common homemade carpet stain remover is made by stirring one teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid into 1 quart of warm water, then add ¼ tsp of white vinegar.

Ink Carpet Clean

Top Cleaning Tips

While there are various solutions to different stains, some steps are applicable to any of them.  Follow these steps when removing any type of stain:

  1.    Remove excess as soon as possible.

Once a substance gets spilled over your carpet, act on it quickly. Remove as much excess substance as possible. For solid stains, scrape off excess with a spoon or butter knife so the spill won’t stick as a permanent stain. For liquid spills, use a white cloth to gently blot excess. Start from the edges working towards the center to avoid spreading it. When cleaning excess, always blot and never rub. Rubbing will just cause more damage to the carpet fibers.

  1.    Put on cleaning agent.

Spray cleaning agent to the remaining stain. You can use either commercial products or homemade solutions like the ones above.  When applying, make sure to avoid applying excessively as too much of them may cause damage to the backing.  As well, make sure to test the agent first in an obscure spot to see any negative reaction.  After applying, wait for 10 minutes to allow the solution to set in.

  1.    Blot stain away.

Always blot and never rub. This is always, always the rule when cleaning carpets. Use white, absorbent cloth when blotting from outside in. Repeat this method until the stain goes away. Then blot cold water and then blot dry.  Some people also use ½-inch-thick of cloth or paper towels to cover damp area, held down by a heavy object and changing them until dry.

Exercise caution when using carpet cleaning products for the first time. This is because carpets are made of different materials and you are not certain how it reacts to the agent. Applying it to an obscure area at first should always be practiced, as well. View more details on https://steamclean.reviews/best-carpet-cleaner-for-pets/

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