3 ideas on how to add a water feature to your garden

Spring is a great time to refresh your garden with flowers, plants, and herbs. With the change in seasons, the warmer weather is a welcoming notion to all living things. Spring is a time when animals come out of hibernation, plants and vegetation begin to blossom, and people even perk up due to the sunny skies and warmer temperatures. Spring is also a time when people begin to make plans to renovate their property or put their house on the market for sale. This article will identify three ways in which you can easily add a water feature to your garden this season.


  1. Check the landscape. It is important to make sure that your garden is appropriately landscaped so that a water feature is suitable for the land. You may find that in order to add a unique water fixture to your garden, that you need to do some groundwork first. If you find that you need to dig into the earth, you may want to consider mini excavator rentals for the job as it can quickly handle the task without the risk of you injuring yourself while shoveling.

Check the landscape

  1. Location. After you have checked the landscape and made sure that the land is ready for a water feature, you must next decide in which part of the yard you would like to place your water feature. Before making that decision you must decide if you want to build a pond or install a fountain. The amount of space you need will differ greatly based on this decision. For example, a small koi pond may look great next to your patio, however a large man-made pond is probably better off in an area that is surrounded by land.
  2. Design and style. After you have decided on the type of water feature you want to install, you can then do research on the type of design you want. If you have a particular style in mind, it is best to look at a variety of places both online and in your local area to find the best price, quality, and type of water feature. After you have chosen an item, it is important to take a look at the cost of upkeep and maintenance. For example, if you purchase a bird bath, you may need to clean it temporarily to keep it free of build-up whereas if you choose to install a pond, you will need to add chemicals to the water periodically to keep it free of unwanted algae.


Regardless of whether you are planning to sell your home or not, it is always a good idea to routinely add updates to your property to increase the value and the aesthetics of the land. Considering the landscape, location, design, and style of the water feature can make a great difference in the aesthetics of your garden. By adding a water feature to your garden, you will be adding a unique flair to your plain yard and make the space more appealing and enjoyable for all.


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