Porch Swing Types & Shopping Guide

Porch Swing Types & Shopping Guide – Porch swings have been a part of history for more than a hundred years and from the way things look, porch swings will be a part of our heritage for at least a hundred more.

Whether you want to chat with friends, enjoy a relaxing cup of iced tea or just enjoy the fresh air outside, porch swings offer the perfect place to do it. It’s no wonder so many people like porch swings. In fact, porch swings are so popular, people who don’t even have porches have started buying them and are putting them in backyards and on patios.


Whether you want a porch swing that is suspended from the ceiling of your porch or one that hangs from an arbor or frame, there are numerous porch swings to suit your needs. Some people even enjoy hanging porch swings from trees. It’s all a matter of personal tastes and the resources of the space you have available.

Porch swings come in a variety of woods, colors, sizes and styles. Single people and couples tend to do well with porch swings that seat two. Families, on the other hand, often prefer the larger porch swings that can accommodate a number of people.

porch swings

The prices of porch swings vary. Exactly how much you pay for a porch swing will depend on the size of the porch swing, what the porch swing was crafted from, the style of the swing and where you buy it. Typically, porch swings start at about two-hundred dollars and go up from there with some porch swings exceeding the thousand-dollar mark. However, the investment in a porch swing is well worth the years of enjoyment porch swing owners experience.

porch swings

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