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How To Clean Window Blinds?

How To Clean Window Blinds? – Cleaning window blinds is one of those jobs that we tend to look so forward to doing that we have to hold ourselves back. Well, perhaps in a perfect world, but in the real world this is one job that is about as exciting as watching paint dry. As a result of this enthusiasm we generally do not get around to doing to job until it is a monumental task rather than doing it regularly when it wouldn’t be such an issue. Whatever your reasons for putting off this onerous task, eventually it must be done, lest the dust overtake your windows.

How To Fix Scratches In Your Home Windows

Repairing scratched glass can be as simple as applying toothpaste and a little elbow grease. The question is whether you should repair or replace. Not only can repairs create a rainbow effect on glass, scratches weaken a window, leaving it vulnerable to shattering with just a little pressure in the right place.

As frustrating as it is, if you can catch a window scratch with your fingernail, it’s likely too deep to repair without consequences. Buffing kits may leave concave bubbles that splinter the light as it shines through the glass. Depending on where the window is, this might not be a problem for you. Smack dab in the center of your front bay window usually requires a replacement.