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Get The Best Laundry Detergent

Stores are packed with shelves of laundry detergent, some powdered and others in liquid form, all claiming to turn out sparkling white clothes and minimizing color run. What you have to look for is a detergent that works well with your washing machine, i.e., one that doesn’t cause excessive sudsing while giving clothes a good wash.

Most of the products we use are old favorites of our mothers. While it’s wise to stick with trusted brands, washing machines have evolved and can deliver optimal cleaning using less water. Front-loaders are particularly adept at doing this if they’re high-efficiency machines. In this case, they require detergent formulated for such technology. Using ordinary cleaning agents will cause excessive sudsing, leaks and clothes that aren’t washed clean.

Cleaning Supplies: Laundry Detergents

The number of different types of laundry detergent is truly astonishing: powder, liquids, tablets, plastic things that dissolve in the wash, detergent to be put in the machine, detergent to put in the dispenser, regular detergent and ‘ultra’ detergent which is a stronger formulation, so you can use less.

In addition to the formulation, consider the type of clothes you will be washing and how dirty they are. For protein stains, such as egg, blood and vomit, a biological detergent, which contains enzymes, is particularly effective. Detergents that have been specially formulated for whites usually contain oxygen bleaches and/or optical brightening agents. While they will brighten whites, they can cause fading or spotting if used on coloured fabrics.