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Make Your Home Look Sparkling In 10 Minutes!

Make Your Home Look Sparkling In 10 Minutes! – Naturally, everyone wants a clean home, but who has the time anymore? Gone are the days where everyone remained married, men worked, and women cleaned, cooked, and took care of children all day long. There are still some homes like this, and that is perfectly fine. However, more and more homes are not like this, because demographics are changing. There are many homes where both spouses work, whether or not they have children, and there are many single-parent homes, sometimes with more than one or two children. These kinds of homes are often busy places where there is not that much time for cleaning and picking up. However, there are ways to make a home look great, even if a person only has a few minutes each day.

Cleaning The Walls

Cleaning the walls on a daily basis isn’t necessary, but light cleaning of the walls on a regular basis will help to keep them fresh and will at least put off the need for a major cleaning of the walls and give you longer between long cleanings. How to clean your walls to refresh them and keep the wall lasting longer between washings is a fairly simple task.

The best methods of cleaning the walls will be dependent on what kind of walls you have. How to clean walls in a way that will work for many different types is a light soft brush.

Spring Cleaning List: Don’t Forget These Few Things

Spring Cleaning List: Don’t Forget These Few Things – Spring cleaning can be overwhelming because there are so many things to clean. There are some items that are often forgotten and neglected until they are extremely dirty. Some of these items can include ceiling fans that accumulate dust on the top and light fixtures that have attracted bugs or dirt. It’s also common to clean out the contents of a closet, but to forget to clean the floor and wipe out the shelves. Cleaning or vacuuming out the heating and air conditioning vents is very important.

Here are four things that can be easily overlooked when doing your yearly cleaning:

How To Clean Wooden Furniture?

How To Clean Wooden Furniture – Each kind of wooden furniture has special care needs. To know how to clean wooden furniture you must know how the wood has been treated and what kind of wood the furniture is made of. Oiled, polished, and painted should all be cleaned differently. Different kinds of wood need different types of care. Learn about your furnishings in order to provide proper care.

Oiled wooden furniture has a warm gloss. In order to keep these looking their best clean with an appropriate furniture cream or apply furniture oil or linseed oil about every 6 months.

Chocolate Stain On A Couch: How To Clean It?

Chocolate Stain On A Couch: How To Clean It? Chocolate and candy on big-ticket items like furniture and upholstery are best removed with a dash of rubbing alcohol or dry cleaning fluid blotted on using a white paper towel, clean rag or cloth diaper.

Simply wet the stain with a small amount of either, then immediately blot dry. Check for remaining brown smudges. If any residue remains, repeat this step until the smudge disappears.

How To Clean A Washing Machine?

How To Clean A Washing Machine? Its strange how often we forget the fact that the appliances that we use for cleaning themselves need to be cleaned regularly. Think of all the dirt that comes off all the clothes that are washed in the machine over a period of a few months. Most of it is flushed out with the rinsing water, but some dirt will always remain which will soon cause odors that will transfer to the clothes being washed.

Here is a simple procedure you can use to clean your washing machine. Even if cleaning the appliance is part of the work of your home cleaners knowing how to do it yourself in an emergency is always useful.

Natural Products For Pet Urine Stains

Natural Products For Pet Urine Stains – If you are a pet owner, chances are that your cat or dog has had at least one accident. Urine, feces and vomit stains are par for the course if you are the owner of an untrained puppy or kitten. There are many ways to prevent pet stains and odor and the wise pet owner will search out information on good house-breaking and litter-training techniques. The diet and health of your cat or dog are also a strong part of the equation.

Responsible pet owners are those who are willing to visit and consult with a veterinarian on a regular basis to ensure they are taking the necessary steps to maintain the health of their pets.