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White Cork Floor Cleaning Tips

White Cork Floor Cleaning Tips – There are varying types of white cork floorings each with its unique qualities. For example, the whites range from an ivory white to paper white. Cork is among the few materials that have made it difficult to achieve a pure white and gray in tiles. Even so, there are certain innovations that have made it possible to whiten these floorings until a desired white floor is achieved.

However, you will want to know that the quality of the floor determines its degree of whiteness. Also, poor quality surfaces demand to be replaced after brief time spans. Hence, invest in high quality products to enjoy the durability and elegant looking surfaces.

Maintenance Of The Hardwood Floor

Maintenance Of The Hardwood Floor – Hardwood floors bring so much to the aesthetic of any home or apartment, but with all the attention they command, it is important to keep them very clean and clear of scratches. You don’t want them drawing focus to the dirt they harbor! Luckily, the obviousness of the dirt makes them also very easy to keep clean. So, stay on top of your cleaning duties and you will reap all the benefits of beautiful hardwood flooring. Read these maintenance of the hardwood floor rules:

1. Sweep or vacuum the floors as often as you can. If you decide to use a broom, make sure it has soft, fine bristles that won’t scrape the floor. The same is true of your vacuum, make sure it is appropriate and safe for wood floors. You can use a soft brush attachment for this.

Bathroom Floor Tiles: Cleaning & Maintaining

Many people spend much time in searching for beautiful bathroom floor tiles but they forget that they need to clean the slabs in order to keep the bath dry and hygienic. Whichever flooring and wall slabs you choose for your bath, make sure that the bathroom floor tiles and wall slabs are easy to clean or you have someone at home to take of their cleanliness. But the fact is that bathroom is the most expensive room of your house which requires proper maintenance as well.

Most homeowners consider that their job is to purchase and get the floorings installed. But the fact is that it is the homeowners that are responsible for cleaning the bathroom floor tiles. Slabs can enhance the look and feel of your bathroom floor only when you keep them clean and in good condition.


Laminate Flooring: Cleaning & Care

With its wide array of colors and styles laminate flooring is growing in popularity with home builders and buyers alike. Laminate floor is simply a complex of flat timber with a layer of rosin on top that is intentional to look like either tiles or hardwood flooring.Laminate flooring gives your floor that overall look of wood that can be enjoyed for years to come. Laminate floors are very often used in bedrooms and living rooms to give a touch of style. The best thing about laminate flooring is the ease in care that you have when you have it in your home. Laminate flooring is one that will look like wood, and that will feel like wood but often times is a bi product of wood. Real wood will require waxing and cleaning every year to keep the floor shiny. Real wood flooring is going to be sanded down and varnished again as the shine is worn off the flooring.