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How To Tile A Bathroom Wall?

How To Tile A Bathroom Wall? – Although a professional tiler may have years of experience when it comes to fitting wall tiles, the average DIYer can obtain a professional looking finish if they have the right tools, some clear instructions and a bit of patience. Even if you have absolutely no experience you should be able to complete a small to medium sized bathroom in a weekend and it can add a really fantastic finish to the room plus wall tiles also provide a waterproof barrier. There are a few essential tools required in order to successfully fix wall bathroom tiles, these can include a tile cutter or tile saw (electric cutters are slightly more expensive but are excellent value), an adhesive spreader, a grout spreader, tile spacers and a spirit level.

Bathroom organization essentials

Whether your bathroom is spacious or quite small or even tiny, it’s still one of the most essential rooms in your house. Therefore, the organization of your bathroom is a key to creating the space pleasant and functional. There are certain steps that you can follow in order to make the most out of your bathroom space.

Step Nr.1 – get rid of all unnecessary things from your bathroom

All empty cosmetics and medicine bottles, jars and tubes are sentenced to be thrown away. They only take space and keep the dust. All expired products should be removed as well. There`s no need to play with your health.

Healthy Bathroom For Healthy Family

If you think the bathroom is the busiest room in your house, you may be more right than you know. According to the health experts, the average bathroom contains thousands of germs and viruses-ranging from E. coli bacteria to the rhinovirus linked to colds and flu. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to lock your family out of the bathroom, even when it’s unoccupied. Just follow a few tips:

Clean toothbrush for healthy smiles. First, store your toothbrush properly to ensure you keep it-and its user-as germ-free as possible. Be sure to keep it up on a countertop, away from the sink and toilet to prevent airborne contamination from splashing water. Also, don’t store toothbrushes together in close quarters (a toothbrush cup in a cabinet, for example).

Bathroom Remodelling On A Budget

If you feel it’s time to update your bathroom but are short on cash, then here are some excellent tips for getting that fresh look and feel without breaking the bank:

1. Paint it fresh – Adding a lick of paint to a tired, grubby bathroom that has seen better days can work wonders for the atmosphere and look. For a great contemporary look, choose a bright colour for a feature wall and buy new towels and accessories to match the bold colour, or go for a funky wall covering on one wall with a neutral paint colour in the rest of the space.

How To Brighten Up Your Bathroom?

Let’s be honest, bathroom is the main place we spend all of our mornings. Nice look of your bathroom makes you feel happy and put you in a good mood. Here are five great tips to brighten up your bathroom and make every visit a pleasure and at the same time add value to your home.

1. Brighten up the walls. To brighten up the walls a simple paint job might be the easiest way to do it but for a longer lasting method you could also tile the walls. When choosing colours for either method, bright colours can be used to enhance the size of your bathroom.

Need More Space In The Bathroom?

One of the smallest yet most used rooms in almost every home is the bathroom. Unless you were fortunate enough to design your own home, you probably have struggled with trying to find enough room to keep everything in the bathroom that needs to be there. In addition to extra towels and toilet tissues, medications, creams, toothpaste and hair products all need a spot they can call home. A bathroom space saver can increase the storage in any bathroom in just a few minutes. They are easy to install and very affordable.

Home improvement stores are a great place to begin the search for one of these handy items. They can be purchased in kits or already assembled. A bathroom space saver kit is generally less expensive and not hard to assemble and mount on the wall. In the case of a bathroom space saver that has already been put together, the only requirement is to hang it up.

Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the house, with every member of the family using it for a number of different purposes. It’s a place of relaxation, a place of grooming, a place for long steamy baths and a place to reflect. Cleaning a bathroom is one of the most dreaded household cleaning tasks. Scrubbing bathtubs, toilets and tiles is not exactly a fun-filled and exciting pastime, but it has to be done nonetheless. Bathroom cleaning tasks should not be that much work if they are done right. Follow these steps to clean a bathroom:

1. Start by collecting all the necessary supplies, such as cleansers (including floor cleaners, toilet cleaner and glass cleaner), gloves, toilet brush, disinfectant wipes, washcloths, scrubbers, broom and mop.
2. Take everything that has not been affixed out of the bathroom. This means leaving out the bathtub, toilet, wash basin, and other assorted handles and fixtures, remove everything else, including rugs, towels, shower curtains, toothbrushes, toiletries, cosmetics, medicines, etc.