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A Vacuum Cleaner Filter

A Vacuum Cleaner Filter

An important part of vacuum cleaner maintenance is regular, thorough cleaning of the vacuum filter. If the filter is not clean, the vacuum cleaner has to work harder to absorb and eliminate dirt and allergens from your home. Improper cleaning of the filter reduces the suctioning capability of the vacuum cleaner over time. Your vacuum cleaner doesn’t need very much attention, but a simple maintenance will keep it working and cleaning as efficiently as it can. Maintaining your vacuum cleaner properly can also head off more costly repairs or replacement.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters being one of the most popular, because of its ability to remove up to 99 percent of the smallest particles in the air.

Feeling More Comfortable In The Kitchen

Feeling More Comfortable In The Kitchen

We will always need a place in the home where we can easily and safely prepare our food. We call that place the kitchen. The kitchen is the central meeting area and nerve center of the family. Keeping it organized and clutter-free can help the family stay focused. Not only are wonderful meals and nutritious snacks prepared there, but also some of the most endearing conversations and bonding moments take place in this space.

Kitchen is busy place. Today’s women spend an average of 1,092 hours a year in the kitchen, along with everyone from husbands to friends, teenagers and dinner guests. This room puts up with a lot of traffic, so organization is essential. Here are a few tips to help make your kitchen a better organized, safer and more efficient place to work in.

Antimicrobial Home Protection Tips

Antimicrobial Home Protection Tips

Antimicrobial protection is a phrase that simply means a product will protect against various microbes such as bacteria, fungi and algae. Several microbes such as bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi attacks the surface and can result in odour development, staining and discolouration of surfaces.These microbial actions enormously increase the maintenance required to keep both the aesthetics and hygiene of the surface and the product. One household product that should contain this kind of protection is a carpet cleaning product. It isn’t enough just to remove the dirt and grit that gets embedded in carpets; we should always be seeking to remove the unseen enemies of microbes – the bacteria, mold and mildew that can form within a carpet.