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Home Cleaning Tips: Caring Of The Marble Countertops

Stone mosaics are ancient art forms. They’re so tough they’ve actually outlasted whole civilizations. They’re a true art form, equally popular with ancient kings and modern homeowners. Marble is strong, but very sensitive to common kitchen items like cleaning chemicals, juices containing citric acid, and oily liquids. Marble countertops and tabletops are easily stained by acidic foods like fruit, tomato sauce, coffee, and wine. These fluids will eventually erode your marble or make it look “cloudy”.

Here are some ideas to help you clean and care for your marble countertops:

Organizing In Home – Brass Pipe Fittings in Your Home

The only thing more damaging to a home than a flood is fire. Like fire, there are preventative steps that a homeowner can take to prevent his home from suffering from water damage. When your pipes or water lines fail in your home they do not just a leak a little bit, they can potentially spray hundreds of gallons of water into your walls in a matter of minutes. If the brass pipe fittings in your home fail while you are on vacation or away from home the damage could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is a case where prevention is key.

Room Painting Tips

Painting your house is one of the best ways to add value to your home whether it is the interior or exterior and knowing some room painting ideas before you start your painting job will make it much easier.There are numerous areas to consider when room painting and decorating. Finding and choosing the top color to complete the job is simply one aspect. Using paint of a good quality can make a surface more abrasion-resistant, easier to clean and capable of washing without the risk of removing the paint.The following paragraphs will discuss common interior house painting ideas and tips.

Before you even begin room painting, you will need to prepare the surface. Soap along with a damp cloth may be used to remove light dirt. All fixtures, doors, windows, and trim must be masked off with tape beforehand too.

Home Cleaning Tips: If a Maid Cleans Your House…

Talking about home cleaning, many people dream about hiring a maid like they dream about winning the lottery. It may seem so luxurious and out of reach. They may have been taught to clean up their own messes, to save money and to take care of everyone and everything.

They may buy new home cleaning gadgets and gizmos, a colorful tote for cleansers, books filled with housecleaning tips and their house may still look like a pigsty. Does this sound familiar? So, who is it going to be cleaning your house – you or a maid?

Home Cleaning Tips: Eliminating Harmful Chemicals From the Home

More and more people are becoming aware that many of the traditional products used for home cleaning can in fact be harmful to us and our families and the environment. Household cleaners contain a multitude of different chemicals and most homes now have many different bottles to deal with a wide variety of jobs such as the laundry, toilet cleaning, oven cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, washing up etc.

The average household has around 28 different bottles of home cleaning chemicals when they are all counted up. This number is on the increase as chemical companies produce more and more products for more and more specific jobs, eg. stainless steel cleaning or lime scale removal.

Organizing Home – Pets And Safeguarding The Furniture

Most of people love pets and this love for them prompts us to let them inside our home. However, the worst can also happen when people allow them inside as they can also destroy our furniture. This is all the more worrisome if you let them inside your bedroom.

If you love your pet so much that you want him to stay with you in your bedroom, and if you want to organize your home, you need to employ some house rules for him. Scold your pet the next time he lays on your bed. Use varied tones so he will be able to differentiate if you are angry or not. Avoid beating or whipping them. Spraying some water on them is very effective to drive them away particular for cats.

Home Cleaning Tips: How To Clean Kids Room?

Here is a simple plan to help your child/teen keep their rooms clean. Don’t worry if the kids room is a disaster. Just set the timer for 15 minutes each day and get started. Continue clearing clutter each day until you find the tops of the dressers and the floor. By the end of the week, you will be amazed at the progress! When you are ready, start the weekly plan.

During the first few weeks, you may want to assist (or at least supervise). Start by making sure that everything in the room has a home. Don’t worry about perfect organization, just get the surfaces cleared off.