How To Remove Wax From Silver Candlesticks?

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3 Common moving scams to be aware of in 2017

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3 Tips to Cleaning Stains on Your Carpet

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Small Bedroom Organizing Tips

Small bedroom needs artistic and creative ideas. With limited space in a small bedroom, it is important to best utilize all available space wisely and intelligently. In this article we’ll sugest how to decorate and organize a small bedroom.

Decorating and furnishing a large bedroom is comparatively easy. Large space offers more freedom to decorate and implement new ideas. On the other hand, decorating a small bedroom in challenging and needs new and innovative ideas. Organizing a small living room is different from decorating a bedroom. Both these rooms are used for different purposes and need to be decorated accordingly.

How To Brighten Up Your Bathroom?

Let’s be honest, bathroom is the main place we spend all of our mornings. Nice look of your bathroom makes you feel happy and put you in a good mood. Here are five great tips to brighten up your bathroom and make every visit a pleasure and at the same time add value to your home.

1. Brighten up the walls. To brighten up the walls a simple paint job might be the easiest way to do it but for a longer lasting method you could also tile the walls. When choosing colours for either method, bright colours can be used to enhance the size of your bathroom.

Safety And Maintenance Of The Fireplace

Fireplaces spread a warm glow and provide the perfect setting to curl up with a steaming cup of tea and a good book to read on a chilly evening. However, negligence and poor maintenance would not only up the costs for servicing but also increase the risks of a hazard.

It’s absolutely necessary to practice good maintenance procedures to keep your fireplace in the best working condition and keep danger at bay.

Let’s have a look at some easy tips and precautionary measures we could take:

Washing Curtains Tips

Curtains in sitting room or bedroom can be washed or cleaned once a year. Generally, the best time to do this is as part of the spring cleaning, expecially if you are planning to wash them – it is easier to dry them on a breezy day.

Kitchen and bathroom curtains, which get dirtier, will need to be cleaned more frequently. If you have fabric pelmets, swags or tiebacks, wash or clean them at the same time as the curtains so that one component does not look cleaner or more faded than another.

Always choose a washable fabric for kitchens or bathrooms. When buying curtain fabric, check that it is pre-shrunk. Otherwise, allow 10% extra for shrinkage. Check with the shop assistant when buying, or consult the care label on ready-made curtains before washing.

Prevention Of Drain Clogging

If you have experienced a clogged drain before, you know what a drag it can be. The clogged drain can really make a stinky mess of your sink if it is in there. It can also be quite inconvenient because you can’t use your sink. Perhaps you have to get to work and need to use the sink or shower and the drain is clogged. This can be a real problem and a huge inconvenience and will require a call to plumbers. Or maybe your kitchen sink is clogged and you can’t wash your dishes, clean up your kitchen or very easily prepare meals for you and your family. This can be a real hassle for you. If you have ever experienced this drain clog problem, you may wonder how it got clogged in the first place and how you can prevent it from happening again. There are actually quite a few things you can do to prevent the drains from becoming clogged and save yourself some time and frustration.

Mold Cleanup

Mold removal is essential whenever you find the presence of mold in your home. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand what mold is or why it is a problem so fail to take proper precautions. Mold cleanup isn’t always easy – especially if mold has already been allowed to penetrate the fibers of building materials like drywall, press-wood or carpet padding. Learn the facts about mold removal with these quick tips:

1. Don’t bring contaminated furniture into an uncontaminated home without proper cleaning. This is especially important for landlords and homeowners impacted by water damage due to recent storms. Heavily contaminated furniture, bedding, rugs and other items may contain large numbers of mold spores that can then spread throughout the new home via the air ducts.

Removing Candle Wax From Carpets

Everybody loves candles these days. Whether you use them for atmosphere, aromatherapy, or as a fragrant compliment to the holiday season, candles provide a note of welcome and comfort any occasion. Unfortunately, accidents sometimes happen with dripping wax. To prevent wax spills in the first place, you can purchase glass discs that fit over tapers. But if the spill has already occurred, here is a quick and easy method for removing wax from candles and fabrics without harming them.

You will need paper towels and an electric iron. We recommend a very absorbent paper towel for the best results. Use white towels only as dyes may bleed onto the carpet when exposed to the heat of the iron. Before beginning the procedure, use a brush or your hands to pick away at any of the excess wax that you can get out of the carpet fiber. Be gentle and be careful not to unravel the pile when brushing.