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How To Clean Electronic Equipment?

Nowadays, every home office has a computer, a printer and a phone, with often a scanner and a fax as well. When cleaning, the main problem is dust. Apart from looking unsightly, dust is bad for electronic equipment because it can affect its performance. Office desks can contain nearly 400 times as many microbes as a toilet seat. Most of them lurk on telephones, keyboards and computer mice. Cold and flu viruses on keyboards can survive for up to 72 hours. If you touch any of these things and then touch your skin or put your fingers in your mouth without washing your hands, you will transfer the microbes. Similarly, if you eat lunch at your desk, crumbs and spills can harbor bacteria. Cleaning of desks and equipment was found to reduce bacteria by 99%.

Home Organizing Tips: Having Plants Indoors

A lot of people do not consider putting plants inside their houses. This is because they find the process of watering and taking out the plants from time to time to get some sunlight quite troublesome to do. What they fail to look at are the benefits of having a plant indoors.

Decorative purposes. Plants are very effective as home décor. They can serve many purposes – feature focal point, a divider screen, accent pieces, and many more. Plants, especially flowering ones, bring a personal touch and sense of belonging to a space. It transforms a perfect house to a comfortable home. Furthermore, plants soften up rigid interiors that usually look cold.

How To Clean Your Wood Deck?

It can be really devastating if you invest thousands or just hundreds of dollars making an elaborate deck area only to have it affected because of water. Providing you hire a carpenter to put up the deck for you, he will likely warn you about protecting your deck with water sealant. It may be an extra cost for the job or included, depending on who you hire. If you make the deck yourself or buy a house that already had a deck installed, knowing for sure it is protected with water sealant must be seen to by you.

If you should build your own deck, hopefully you purchase the right metal items. Stainless steel and galvanized metal products oppose rust much easier.

Healthy Bathroom For Healthy Family

If you think the bathroom is the busiest room in your house, you may be more right than you know. According to the health experts, the average bathroom contains thousands of germs and viruses-ranging from E. coli bacteria to the rhinovirus linked to colds and flu. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to lock your family out of the bathroom, even when it’s unoccupied. Just follow a few tips:

Clean toothbrush for healthy smiles. First, store your toothbrush properly to ensure you keep it-and its user-as germ-free as possible. Be sure to keep it up on a countertop, away from the sink and toilet to prevent airborne contamination from splashing water. Also, don’t store toothbrushes together in close quarters (a toothbrush cup in a cabinet, for example).

Leather Accessories Care Tips

Leather is a very durable material and needs to be cared for. To care and protect your leather handbags, backpacks, wallets, fanny packs, etc., you should use good quality water and stain repellant to help prevent stains and dirt build up. For best results:

• Apply protecting products just after purchasing and three to four times a year thereafter as needed.
• Keep your leather moist with a high quality leather lotion.
• Do not use any cleaning products on any leather that is not made specifically for leather.
• If your handbag or other leather product is suede, use a cleaner that is made for suede.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

For the hectic spring season you need to freshen up your home a little bit in order to bring that sunshine and crisp air in your house. But you don’t need to relate this healthy duty to heavy work and exhausting running up and down the house. The following special tips will assist you and show you an easier way to handle with the cleaning.

First of all, you should write down the exact results you want to achieve with this spring cleaning. In the beginning focus on the efforts on the big pieces and areas that are the most important to you, they are usually among the furnishings, appliances and carpeting. Once you have finished them the rest of the job will be done in no time.

Domestic Use Of Dried Lavender Flowers

Lavender flowers and products provide soothing fragrance and relaxation. Some varieties of lavender maintain nearly their full aroma when dried. The Provence and Grosso lavender variety is has excellent fresh and dried fragrance: this is the type of lavender grown at Laura’s Lavender. Dried lavender flowers can be used in sachets or arranged in bowls for adding soothing scents to your home. Dried lavender flowers can even be used in cooking such as recipes for shortbread cookies. Dried lavender can also be added a bubble bath to make fragrant as well as fun!

Some of the choices you have for putting to use your dried lavender flowers are discussed here: