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5 Tips to fighting allergies at home

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How To Clean Window Blinds?

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5 Electrical safety tips for your home

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4 DIY tips to quality ductwork repair

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How To Deodorize Your Carpet With Baking Soda?

How To Deodorize Your Carpet With Baking Soda? – Over a period of time, cooking and home life, especially if you have pets tend to soil and dirty your carpets. Not only that the carpet itself starts emanating odors which can be particularly unpleasant. Perhaps as you are all day within that environment, you may not be able to smell the carpet, but visitors will no doubt be sensitive to the smell.

When you call in professional carpet cleaners they will cleanse your carpet and also deodorize it. Most of the people who clean carpets professionally recommend vacuuming as the most effective method of keeping a carpet clean. Vacuuming regularly increases the longevity of the carpet as well.

Maintenance Of The Hardwood Floor

Maintenance Of The Hardwood Floor – Hardwood floors bring so much to the aesthetic of any home or apartment, but with all the attention they command, it is important to keep them very clean and clear of scratches. You don’t want them drawing focus to the dirt they harbor! Luckily, the obviousness of the dirt makes them also very easy to keep clean. So, stay on top of your cleaning duties and you will reap all the benefits of beautiful hardwood flooring. Read these maintenance of the hardwood floor rules:

1. Sweep or vacuum the floors as often as you can. If you decide to use a broom, make sure it has soft, fine bristles that won’t scrape the floor. The same is true of your vacuum, make sure it is appropriate and safe for wood floors. You can use a soft brush attachment for this.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Preventing Frozen Pipes – If it is cold outside, you might try your best to stay inside and stay warm. During the freezing temperatures of winter, it is important that you not only keep your family and pets warm, but you need to make sure things in your house stay warm too.

One specific area of concern is your water pipes. If your pipes freeze and then break, you are in for a mess to clean up, at the very least. Running water can do a lot of damage and can leave you with a major disaster. If you find that you have a frozen pipe, it is probably best to reach out to an expert. It is best to take precautionary steps with your pipes before those temperatures drop. There are a few things that you can do for preventing frozen pipes.

Lavender Essential Oil For A Household Use

Lavender Essential Oil For A Household Use – Lavender essential oil should have a place in any natural cleaning fan’s cupboards. With its antiseptic germ-killing properties and fresh scent that everybody loves, lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils in use. So how do you use lavender essential oil for a household use? This may become a part of your daily routine and during the house cleaning.

1. To make disinfectant spray. Mix equal proportions of vodka and water, or 2 units of white vinegar to one unit of water in a spray bottle. Add in about 10-20 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake well. This mixture can also be used for cleaning glass as well as being used as a general everyday disinfectant.

Daily Schedules In Maintaining Household

Daily Schedules In Maintaining Household – To keep the house running Monday To Friday, little and often is the key. Concentrate on the rooms that are used most frequently and that can make life seem most miserable when they are in disarray – the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and sitting room. Just forget the rest. In an emergency, forget the sitting room too. At the very, very least, make the beds, wash up, hang up clothes, put out the rubbish.

In the morning. Many people say they have no time to worry about the house first thing in the morning, yet they manage to find time to get themselves properly dressed for work, to put on a suit and tie, or to do their hair and makeup; they manage to get their children ready for school.

Poor Indoor Air Can Make You Ill

Poor indoor air quality can be a problem in the summer months. Often we are advised to keep the elderly and young inside and comfortably air-conditioned when the mercury inches toward dangerous territory. However, this advice may be even more dangerous. It is estimated that indoor air quality, regardless of the season, is at least five times more polluted than the air outside, and by all reports this is a very conservative estimate. The reason is because our homes are enclosed environments which are veritable Petri dishes for sources of indoor air pollution.

Poor indoor air contaminants can cause allergies, skin irritations and aggravate asthma and COPD. They can produce flu-like symptoms, cause eye redness and worsen respiratory problems. In extreme cases, indoor air pollution has been linked to kidney damage and cancer.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Types of Vacuum Cleaners – A vacuum cleaner is an essential piece of equipment. It would be very difficult to cope without one. People prefer domestic vacuum cleaners for carpeted floors in their homes.

On the basis of their configurations, there are various types of vacuum cleaners. The following are some well-known types of vacuum cleaners:

Bagless vacuum . A bagless vacuum, as the name suggests, doesn’t have a bag. It collects the dust in a compartment which is easily emptied. This saves people from the headache of dealing with messy vacuum cleaner bags.