How to Choose a Home Builder

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What to Look For in a Custom Home Builder

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The Most Effective Way to Clean Sliding Door and Window Tracks

One of the toughest cleaning jobs is to get rid of the dirt and grime on sliding glass doors and their tracks and windows. You may find all sorts of bugs, and More »

How To Make Your Carpet Last Longer?

It’s a fact that the more you take care of something, the longer it will last. Carpets are no exception to this fact. It has been observed that properly cleaned and well-maintained More »

Natural ways to clean shower enclosures

Bathrooms are the most humid area in your home. If it is not often to clean then, it can be harmful to your health, because a dirty bathroom will become a gathering More »

Home Cleaning Tips: How To Clean Pillows?

Home Cleaning Tips: How To Clean Pillows – Whether your bed pillows are made with synthetic filling, foam, or natural materials (such as down), chances are you will eventually need to clean them. While it is important to differentiate between these materials when cleaning your pillows at home, learning to do so will save you the time and cost of having them professionally cared for by a dry cleaner.

Pillows containing loose synthetic fillings are advantageous because they are more durable, more hypoallergenic, and less expensive than pillows containing natural materials. More importantly, they are a lot easier to clean than natural pillows.

Deck Cleaning Tips

Deck Cleaning Tips – Maintaining the beauty of your deck does not have to an arduous task. Periodically sweeping it plus doing a yearly deep clean should have your wood deck looking great for many years of backyard barbeques and hosted summer outdoor parties. Follow these easy deck cleaning tips and your deck will thank you by staying a lovely accessory of your fine home!

1. Sweep away leaves and other debris a couple of times a month so that grime and trash doesn’t accumulate in the area.

2. If it is time for the yearly thorough cleaning session, remove all furniture and items from the deck so that you can properly get to the floor.

Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork Kitchen Flooring – Every home owner takes pride in an outstanding home; one that does not resemble any other in the neighborhood. Many are the times when you long for natural environment inside the home. This is the reason for which your construction elements should all as natural as possible. It is also the reason for which cork floors are coming to you with more benefits. Let us look at what makes cork as a mode of flooring unique.

Why cork is unique from other flooring materials?

You must know that cork is a natural product obtained from oak tree. It is so soft that you will not mind standing on it over long time-spans. In fact, your back, knees and hips are likely to feel better the longer you stand on it.

Crystal: Care And Cleaning

Crystal is glass that has lead oxide in it. The reason for adding the lead oxide is to increase the density of the glass which in turn will make the glass more reflective and add brilliance. The more lead in the glass, the more colors that are reflected. You may also notice that some crystal is heavier than others. This is because the more lead, the heavier the piece.

Hand made crystal glass will usually always have a few small ‘seed bubbles’. This happens when rising air gets trapped when the crystal is being made. These air bubbles can only be seen when a piece of crystal is held up to a strong light. This is a good sign that your piece was more than likely hand crafted.

House Party Clean Up Routine

House Party Clean Up Routine – Having a house party means lots of cleaning – before the party and after it. You don’t want to invite your friends to a messy house and you have to clean up after a party too. Party clean up doesn’t sound like the most fun thing to do but trust me, with this guide to cleaning before and after the party, you will find it to be so easy that you will be volunteering to host the next party ever so often.

Getting started on the house party clean up routine, you need to clean your house before the party. Here is a guide on how to clean house fast before the guests arrive…

Cleaning Microwaves

Cleaning microwaves is not a tough task if one knows the basic rules of executing it. In this document we’re going to discuss the graduated procedures on the proper way to clean microwave ovens. The steps are so easy that you would even wonder why you thought the endeavor a heavy chore. You could even find it particularly enjoyable.

1. The initial step is to establish a good cleaning inside the microwave oven. To perform this, pour in a bowl 4 cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar. Now open the lid of the oven and position the bowl on the turntable. Close the lid and microwave the bowl on high for 20 minutes.

Use Hangers And Hang Your Clothes Neatly

Use Hangers And Hang Your Clothes Neatly – Clothing or garment hangers are one those basic items that we cannot do without. These hangers keep your garments in shape and also make them beautiful for display. Moreover, hangers are useful in making closets and wardrobe space-efficient. Choosing hangers for your house is an easy task and with the wide range of options available, you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Common types of hangers

A good hanger is the one that comfortably and evenly holds the weight of a garment and keeps it in shape. Now, to pick an efficient hanger does not require in-depth research. Comparing the features and advantage of the primary five types of hanger is all the research you need.