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Cleaning Floors And Furniture With A Dry Cleaning Mop

Cleaning Floors And Furniture With A Dry Cleaning Mop  – Some types of flooring and furniture are best cleaned dry using a dry cleaning mop or in combination with a light cleaner such as a dusting spray. Hard wood floors and laminates, for example, can be damaged by too much moisture. In order to keep the finish on these floors in the best condition, a cleaning mop specially designed for this purpose can create the best clean. A dry mop made from 100% cotton, for example, will not scratch the delicate surfaces on polished hard wood floors or specialty laminates. Over time, even the smallest scratches can create a dull appearance.

3 Reasons why you should choose a mitsubishi air conditioner

Owning a home is a big responsibility for many reasons. While cleaning the home and taking care of the lawn mowing and hedge trimming can be time consuming, owning a home takes a lot of work. In order to have a great home that is fully functional and well kept, it is important that you ensure that your equipment that helps your home run smoothly is constantly in working order.

5 of the Best Ways to Clear a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain could destroy a perfectly beautiful day. Instead of settling in to watch your favorite movie, you will find yourself staring angrily at a sink full of foul, dirty, greasy backed-up water and wondering what will you do. In this article, you will learn several ways and some drain cleaning info that will help you fix this mess.

Natural Cleaning Products And Equipments

Natural Cleaning Products And Equipments – If you are considering using natural products to clean your home, you are going to need more than just the basic cleaning substances, which are, of course, baking soda and vinegar as the staples alongside some other odds and ends. You will also need some actual “hardware” to do the cleaning.

Natural cleaning products, seeing as they have multiple uses, don’t come in ready-to-use packages that make things easy for the cleaner. And you still have to find something to apply the elbow grease – a necessary ingredient in any natural cleaning product.

Wax vs. Polish For Protection Your Wood Furniture

Wax vs. Polish For Protection Your Wood Furniture – Products for caring for your wood furniture abound. If you don’t believe me, just take a look in your local supermarket or discount store and you’ll see many polishes and waxes available to choose from. Whether you are trying to care for a dining room table or an ornate wooden cuckoo clock, you are confronted with so many choices it may be difficult to come to a decision.

Every product claims that they protect your wood furniture better than the next product. In reality, most of them will remove dust and clean the surface, but they won’t do much else.

How To Make An Organic Laundry Detergent?

How To Make An Organic Laundry Detergent? – Laundry detergent washing powder as it is known in simple terms is a type of cleaning agent that is used for cleaning your laundry. Laundry is undoubtedly one of the ongoing chores of every household as washing of sheets and clothes become necessary due to dirt, sweat, and shed skin cells, contact with food and various other types of particles every day. There are various ingredients that are used in making a laundry detergent among which surfactants are the crucial ones that keep your clothes clean.

Since the commercial laundry detergents contain various chemicals that are harmful for the humans as well as environment, people have started using organic laundry detergent.

Should We Be Using Bleach?

How To Use Bleach? To bleach something means to whiten it. The chemical in bleach (usually sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide) oxidizes organic compounds within dyes, thus rendering them soluble so that they can be washed away. If not used correctly, bleach can seriously fade and weaken cloth or make it go into holes. Should we be using bleach? In short, no – at least not in every wash as a matter of course.

Modern automatic washing machines wash so well that heavy bleaching should really be a thing of the past. This can only be a good thing. Bleach is extremely toxic, so should be used only when really necessary.